Bioaromatic Park: Rain Water Harvesting System

Luit 6

The Luit land development project is a comprehensive one. It does not only involve the planting of patchouli herb but will also involve plans to set up a research and administration centre, a recreational centre, a breeding centre, a research laboratory, a pilot plant and an incubator centre. As such, it is essential to identify staffs who are really interested in the related areas and those with the right agronomy and horticulture background.

Preliminary development plan of Pahang Bio Aromatics Park was worked out to ensure that the natural characteristics of the topsoil and natural landscape are preserved. Staffs selected for the project consisted of researchers and experts of various backgrounds who will be directly and indirectly involved in making the park a success.

Starting 2016 the construction of office and the trial trial plot taken place. Bioaromatic Park is located quite far from the main routes, the supply of electricity to the area generated by generator. Water supply at this location can only be obtained through the retention pond. To overcome the shortage of water especially in the dry season Rain Water Harvesting System developed to meet the needs watering plants in plots Agarwood, Patchouli and Orthosiphon aristatus.

Manufacturing Faculty: Rainwater Harvesting System
Size 9m x 19m x 1.8 (m)D
Volume : 308.0 m2