As an institution of higher learning Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is entrusted with a bigger responsibility to make our institution operate sustainably, and to foster more programmes and initiatives towards making the university campuses green. As a university we embrace our responsibility to ensure that all students that we train become new generations of graduates and professionals with far-reaching conscience and responsibility for the benefits of the global world and for comfort and survival of our current and future generation.

Our TEN aims are:

  1. To provide our students with education and a learning environment that fosters the importance of sustainability for our health, comfort, and future survival.
  2. To educate and ensure that every member of our campus community is fully aware of our GREEN POLICY and is committed to implementing and improving it.
  3. To support and promote research and innovation related to sustainability.
  4. To engage in and strengthen partnerships with our business partners and suppliers, to become enabling agents in government and industrial initiatives, and to actively participate in community activities related to environmental care and protection.
  5. To reduce the environmental impact of our operational activities and contribute back to the local communities through our research and innovations.
  6. To adopt and adapt green initiatives based on the 5 Strategic Trusts of National Green Policy, the 7 indicators of UI Greenmetric World University Ranking, and the 13 Goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all of our activities and decision-making process.
  7. To continually develop, review and implement a comprehensive waste management strategy to drive continuous improvements by engaging with students in reducing generation of waste, whilst increasing recycling effort.
  8. To manage and be efficient in all consumption of natural resources including papers, stationary items, and other essential and regular supplies.
  9. To be efficient in our consumption of electricity, consumption of fuel for our transport fleets, and use of water, through efficient management, close monitoring and application of latest gadgets and devices.
  10. To comply with all relevant national legislations and regulations in the conduct of the operation, and make our university and campus a proud exemplary of sustainable operations nationally and globally through sharing our experience and strength through external engagements.

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