Successful tree planting does not happen by chance, it requires deep thought, planning and attention to detail. As trees differ in their requirements for growth, selecting trees that can established and thrive in the biological and physical conditions of the planting site requires are crucial. A thorough planting site analysis will identify important site conditions that can affect the long-term survival and growth of the trees to be planted. Most trees grow best in a moist, fertile, and well-drained soil. Unfortunately, these ideal types of soils do not occur frequently on developed area. Soil conditions and properties are probably the most overlooked factor when selecting a tree. Both the physical and chemical properties of soils in the developed areas have usually been modified, which affects fertility, aeration and drainage. To make sure the success of our trees planting and landscaping programmes, we brought top soils onto the site to be mixed together with other soil amendments such as organic matter and organic fertilizer before spreading them into planting hole. This helps prevent drainage problems caused by layering of different types of soil. It is costly but will reduce landscape maintenance by providing a more uniform soil for root growth and spreading. Organic matter incorporated into sandy soil can temporarily improve water and nutrient holding capacities.