This guideline of prudent use of toner, paper and envelope is a measure to reduce office expenditure and to ensure that the above saving measures are implemented by all staff. Consumption of all these office items must be highly optimised to avoid wastage in order to achieve best value for the money spent to acquire these items.


1. Toner Use

  • Staff are encouraged to use photocopy machine for printing purposes. Avoid using printer to save toner.
  • Each department need to apply the ‘One Island, One Printer’ concept to reduce the cost of toner purchasing. The printer used for each island must be a printer that uses toner with standard price and not too expensive.
  • Each staff must review each document that needs to be printed. Use the ‘print preview’ function before printing. Please ensure each document has been checked and rechecked before printing to avoid wastage.
  • Print documents as needed only.
  • Avoid printing draft documents. Print only documents that have been finalised. Use other medium such as memo or email for draft circulation.
  • Staff should plan wisely for printing a coloured document using coloured toner. Avoid using colour printing if not necessary. This can reduce the cost of acquiring high-priced coloured toners.
  • Avoid using colour printer when printing black and white documents. This is because the printer will use a combination of black and coloured toners to match colours from the computer. If there is no other printer available, set the printer to print in black-or-grey-scale.
  • Use Econo Mode or Draft Mode setting to reduce the dpi (dots-per-inch) setting. Dpi setting can be set manually at Properties -> Paper Quality -> Print Quality -> Choose Lower DPI (600 dpi).
  • Each department must use the toner until it totally runs out before switching to a new toner. Although the "Low Ink Cartridge" warning is displayed, the toner can still be used considerably and it is a waste if a new toner is switched immediately.
  • Staff need to make sure the printer's nozzle is clean regularly to prevent clogging which can cause wastage of the toner.

2. Paper Use

  • Plan the use of paper to avoid wastage.
  • Each department is encouraged to buy A4 70gsm paper to save cost.
  • Use both sides of the paper. Set printer for duplex printing.
  • Limit the use of letterhead. For internal circulation, please use memo or email.
  • Format the document to be printed to minimise wastage of space, such as using smaller font size and smaller spacing.
  • Read, edit and finalise the document before printing to avoid over printing.
  • For outside circulation, print the address directly on the envelope rather than using a sticker label.

3. Envelope Use

  • Reuse the envelope for internal circulation.
  • Minimise the use of the envelopes especially for internal circulation.