UMP’s Sport Centre with collaboration with Adham Bike Centre (ABC) and support from 100 Plus, Nestle and Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad has organized UMP Funride in Pekan. A total of more than 300 cyclists participated in the event which involve the route of more than 70 kilometers covering UMP Pekan Campus and nearby area such as Tanjung Gosong, Pantai Sepat, Kempadang, Kuantan-Pekan main road, and Tanah Putih; the route ended at UMP Pekan Campus.

The programme is aimed to promote UMP Pekan Campus to surrounding community for them to expand their horizon with the beauty of UMP Pekan Campus natural surrounding which creates an inviting and open setting that accommodates wide variety of activities and events. Equally important, UMP Fundride also promote the breathtaking tourist attractions in Pekan and healthy lifestyle among the community.