UMP main campus has started its operations in Kuala Pahang, Pekan on July 27, 2009. At present, it houses three faculties and language centre, namely the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FKM), Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (UMP), the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering (FKP) and Centre for Modern Language and Human Science. Campus area of 642 acres, can accommodate up to 10,000 students and 2,000 staff.


UMP Pekan Landscape is often of interest to photography enthusiasts who are attracted by the beauty of the panorama that can be enjoyed in the vicinity. UMP’s lake have a panoramic view of very beautiful and quite peaceful. There are 4 lakes around UMP Pekan Campus and the main lake of UMP is located by the side of UMP Main Library, welcoming the guests that pass through the front entrance with area of 44.26 acres. The lake is also equipped with a jogging track along 1,614 meters. Additionally UMP also has a lake with an area of 37.20 acres, 8.11 acres and acres of 21.16. and nevertheless UMP also features a bike path along the 1,524 meters.

In the effort of implementing Greener Attractions for the campus, UMP has very clear goal to beautify the lakes and their environmental surroundings. The freshwater lake is rich with variety of freshwater dwellers. From the bright coloured tail of the Javan Barb, to the spiky dorsal finned Perch, the lake is a home rich with biodiversity, making it an amazing spot for fishing activities. You are invited to experience the fun learning with UMP’s water dwellers. Aside from catching the Mystus Planiceps or the Snakeskin Gouramis , you might be lucky to encounter the group of Otters swimming freely by the surface.


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