Solar 1
Taman Lestari is a project of integrated renewable energy sources using wind and solar. This project is new in the area of renewable energy and there is still much to explore and understand since not all technologies in this area are suitable to be implemented in Malaysia’s climate. The project that started on 2015 is a collaboration between SIRIM and Centre for Earth Resources Research & Management (CERRM), to assess the potential of wind energy generated in Malaysia.

Solar 2
Using six solar panels donated by Malaysia Solar Resources (MSR), this research will convert DC electricity from the solar panels into AC electricity using micro-inverter technology. This technology is still considered new and under testing stage, where the small inverter is installed at the back of the solar panel. Meanwhile, for wind energy, four wind turbines of horizontal-axis and vertical-axis types will be used. The unstable AC electricity generated by the panels need to be transformed into DC for stabilisation and transformed back to AC before it can be used for our daily requirement.