The global Covid-19 outbreak has affected the world entire population in general and in Pahang specifically, some students still stay on the campus of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) in Gambang and Pekan due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) directive.

According to the director of the UMP Islamic and Human Development Centre (PIMPIN), Dr. Rashidi Abbas, the MCO directive has changed the landscape of daily life.

“When we talk within the scope of religion, there is so much wisdom contained therein.

“One of them is the value of time where we have been so preoccupied that we forget the health Allah has bestowed on us.

“We do not take advantage of the time given to us and do useless things,” he said.

He added that mental health has been a serious topic to discuss during the MCO period because it affects students and all UMP denizens a lot.

“Islam has provided guidance on mental health as outlined in maqasid syariah, i.e., protection of intellect (hifzu aql).

“This protection of intellect is fundamental for all students to keep their sanity throughout the MCO period to prevent affliction and ailments.

“Thus, Islam has suggested several options to protect intellect until the end of one’s life,” he said.

Dr. Rashidi also mentioned about life wellbeing in general; how to keep a sound mind, emotion and behaviour during the MCO period.

The main focus is to recognise the fact that intellect is an invaluable grace that Allah has bestowed to all mankind. 
“Use your intellect for a good cause as long it does not violate Syariah law.

“New strategies can be formulated to adapt to change by planning activities with positive outcomes such as knowledge sharing,” he said.

In addition, one can optimally use latest technologies in seeking religious knowledge through lectures from PIMPIN or any scholars on exegesis (tafsir) and sciences of al-Qur’an, as well as recite zikr, perform sunnah prayer and pray to Allah for His protection during the MCO period.

He also added that physical activities such as light exercise can improve physical and mental strengths.

To have a sound mind, Dr. Rashidi suggested that students who love writing to utilise the free time to write novels or stories.

“Besides, each individual must strengthen the relationship between family members, friends and lecturers.

“This is a global issue, take advantage of the free time and technology to easily communicate with each other where it might have been overlooked due to the hustle and bustle of life.

“During the MCO period, there is also a possibility that we are prone to write fake news on social media.

“For the mutual benefit and good behaviour, it is advisable to share admonition (tazkirah), knowledge and quotes from Islamic and trustworthy scholars.

“Also, you may fill your free time to increase good deeds by volunteering and offering online teaching using the latest technologies,” he said.

Dr. Rashidi hopes this brief sharing can be benefited by not only UMP students but all Malaysians during the extended MCO until 28 April.

He also prayed that Allah protect and grant us good health.