saset1Earth Week 2017 @ UMP

UMP has 70 student clubs where 20 of them are related to environment and sustainability activities. Among them are; T-Rex Recreation Club, Robotech Club, Mechapro, Science Industry & Technology Experts Society, Perwakilan Mahasiswa Kolej Kediaman 2, 3 & 4, PEMADAM, Mahasiswa Anak-anak Pahang, AIESEC, Chemical Engineering Student Society, Persatuan Mahsiswa Kejuruteraan Awam dan Sumber Alam (CIVER), Electric & Electronics Engineering Society, ENACTUS Industrial Management, Professional Student Society (IMPRESS),INSMARTIVE, ECOSISWA, KAUMP, Universiti Malaysia Pahang Cycling Team.

All these clubs are established under the purview of the faculties and monitored by the Department of Student Affairs & Alumni (JHEPA), headed by Deputy Vice Chancellor. Some of the clubs are actively involved in greening and sustainable activities such as Tree Planting Programme, Polystyrene and Plastic Free Campaign as well as environmental and sustainable projects involving the local community.