Pedestrian UMP
UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG (UMP) encourages and supports students and faculty staff to walk using pedestrian walkways to commute within the campus area. Walking is a healthy lifestyle and is known to have numerous medical benefits – the activity also promotes sustainability through reducing fossil fuel consumption as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians walking inside the campus, this Pedestrians Safety Policy is established acting as safety regulations to serve UMP community.

1. Appropriate Use of Pedestrian Sidewalks
Sidewalks in the campus area are primarily designated for pedestrians to walk. Therefore, the use of sidewalks for bicycling, motorcycling and parking of vehicles should be strictly limited.

2. Vehicles Permitted on Pedestrian Sidewalks
Only Emergency Service Vehicles such as fire brigade truck, ambulance and police vehicle are permitted to use the pedestrian walks in case of an emergency. Operation of other vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles on pedestrian walkway is prohibited at all times.

3. Speed Limit
The speed of all motorised vehicles operating inside the campus shall be no greater than 30 km/h.

4. Parking Violations
Vehicles parking in any location other than authorised parking facilities will be in violation of this UMP Pedestrians Safety Policy. Any vehicle that impedes pedestrians traffic will be subjected to penalty and fines according to the current parking fine schedules and rates by UMP Security Department.