bicycle policy
UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG (UMP) encourages and supports the use of bicycles by students and faculty staff for commuting within the campus area. Bicycling is a healthy lifestyle and is known to have numerous medical benefits – the activity also promotes sustainability through reducing fossil fuel consumption as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. In order to ensure a safe bicycling environment within the university area this Bicycle and Bicycling Policy is established to serve the UMP community.

1. Registration
All bicycles owned by students and faculty staff used inside UMP campus must be registered with UMP Security Department. Students and staff using O-Bikes also have to register with the O-Bikes company through the O-Bikes Online Apps.

2. Bicycle Safety Equipment

  • All bicycles owned by students and faculty staff must be equipped with safety equipment and functioning devices such as front and rear lights, a reflector located on the rear paddle and a bell or horn.
  • Each bicycle must be equipped with a functioning brake located on the front and rear wheels that enables the cyclist to stop the bicycle immediately in the event of an emergency.

3. Parking and Storage
During the academic semester, all bicycles in campus must be parked in the designated bicycle parking area. Bicycles may not be parked in a pedestrian walkway nor secured to trees, sign poles, fences, benches and stairwells.

Violation of Policy
Any bicycle found to be in violation of the UMP’s Bicycle and Bicycling Policy will be issued a warning note followed by a summon (after repetitive violations) by UMP Security Department. Any bicycle found to be abandoned in the bicycle parking area and are not claimed at the end of the semester shall be removed or donated. Students and staff who repeatedly violate this policy will lose their bicycle and bicycling privileges in the campus.