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Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and Berita Harian (BH) fulfilled their social responsibility by donating a gazebo equipped with green technology solar LED lights beneficial for SMK Sungai Soi community. SMK Sungai Soi is among six schools in Malaysia to receive the contribution in conjunction with BH 60th Birthday this year.

The element of energy-saving applied to this gazebo by using solar system and LED technology for its electricity supply. Solar panels with the capacity of 20W, 12V equipped with a system that could charge a battery of 12V 7.2AH power and could turn on the 18W LED light are being installed at this gazebo. This solar panel will be operating from dusk till dawn. More interestingly, this system can be upgraded and can be used to charge a cellphone and other electrical use in the future. This smart partnership enables the university to play more constructive role in realizing the UMP Strategic plan 2016-2020 that carries the theme ‘Communitising Technology’ by applying skills and expertise that can be utilized for the benefit of local community. Beside that, It is the intention of UMP to communitising its existence as an institution of higher learning education with the focus of not only on offering mainstream academic programs, but also as a social institution which catalyze the improvement of literacy knowledge and skills to other community members.The implementation of Solar System Project in this school was to support green technology and to ensure continuous supply of electricity as well as to lessen the greenhouse effect due to the release of carbon dioxide that can increase the normal temperature.

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East Coast Economic Region (ECER) and UAE show their full support to this program by offering 30 place for the student to enroll in empower ECER Academic Skills Training Program. Since 2015, 30 PT3 candidate and 30 SPM candidate has been selected to join this program. As for today, 60 students has been selected to join empower SMART program handle by UMP lecturers and with the assistance of UMP students.