A total of 80 people consisting of staff from Earth Resources & Sustainability Centre (ERAS), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students, Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Setongkol pupils and members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) took part in a community innovative service programme that was held at a turtle hatchery centre, Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery, in Chendor here on April 10, 2019.

According to ERAS Director, Associate Professor Dr. Muzamir Hassan, the programme could serve as an environment conservation and preservation service platform with volunteers taking time off from their daily routine and help to take care of the environment by planting mangrove saplings in the swamp area near the Chendor beach.

“They had the opportunity to their bit to protect the environment by planting mangrove saplings and they were assisted by MNS members.

“They got good exposure and knowledge on matters involving the environment and the need to protect the natural setting. The beach needs to be clean from plastic waste and other polluted materials that can have adverse effects on the hatchery.

“The programme is also seen as a way to rebrand ERAS and UMP among the community and for ERAS be appreciated as an environment-friendly entity, supporting the causes towards greening the earth.

“This programme is actually a continuation from a public lecture delivered by Dr. Maketab Mohamed titled ‘Role of The Academia in Environmental Conservation & Advocacy’ on January 22.

“We were able to develop good ties with MNS and work together towards a common goal of protecting and preserving the environment,” he added.
 The volunteers also got the opportunity to release 40 turtle hatchlings from the hatchery to the sea.