Kuala Pahang House or KP House in short is a transformational centre for the Kuala Pahang community. This house is the brainchild of UMP to stimulate the economic development and to promote Kuala Pahang.

The KP House is fully using solar energy as its source of electrical energy and this project is realized using expertise available at UMP.

The system installed is a system connected off grid where the energy generated, produced, delivered, and distributed directly from the solar power to electricity.

This system is introduced in Kuala Pahang to expose the students and local community to understand and learn the solar energy systems.

This house is the first “Green House” in Pahang, in which the energy is fully generated using green technology from solar.

The 5kW Off Grid System is retrofitted to the roof of the KP House. The 25mm ventilation distance is to ensure that the system will not be overheated.

This solar energy system can generate 5kW of electricity directly and 15kW as a reserve to be used during the night time. The electricity generated at the KP House is able to power all electrical appliances in the house.

KP House is also equipped with the energy-saving LED lights, new technology fan operating fully using DC electrical current, which can save electricity more efficiently and also the usage of inverter technology air conditioner with the environmentally friendly R410A gas. The house is also equipped with motion sensors to activate the bathroom lights.