Engagement Student
Every staff and student owns a personal responsibility on the environmental impact resulting from their actions and activities at the University. We aim to raise awareness of this environmental impact and, working closely with all departments and the Students' Union, provide a range of ways and guidelines for staff and students to get involved towards creating a green University, including:

  • Encouraging our staff to carpool.
  • Practising our list of Energy-Saving Tips
  • Cycling within the campus, utilising the O-bike facility available.
  • Practising our list of Waste Reduction Tips
  • Bringing reusable bottle and container when buying food from the cafeteria.
  • Separating food waste and leftovers after meals in the assigned waste container.
  • Managing our waste by practising our Waste Management Tips

Staff are encouraged to execute the following:

  • Incorporate sustainability into their teaching programmes and activities.
  • Reduce the need to travel, and make use of video conferencing facilities and Skype where practical.
  • Reduce toner, paper and envelope consumption. Read our Printing Policy
  • Develop links with local communities by participating in Community Partnerships Programmes.
  • Use widely e-meeting facilities to reduce paper printing.

Students are motivated to execute the following:

  • Join various CSR programmes organised throughout the year by students organisations and the university Students Departments.
  • Share their #MygiftUMP photos with the university community on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of any event or activity on sustainability.
  • Organise at least one sustainability programme per year through students organisations or clubs.
  • Portray themselves as representatives or champions on causes related to Environment and Sustainability in their halls of residence.
  • Find more student sustainability opportunities and get committed in their own projects.