As a technical university, UMP is more inclined to design modern and high-tech buildings while incorporating green building features into every development project. The fact that UMP is located along the coastline that receives strong northeast monsoon wind that can cause corrosion problems requires the selection of appropriate design and materials during the planning and construction process. Despite these constraints, UMP is doing its utmost to incorporate green elements into every development project and implements initiatives that benefit its associates such as rainwater catchment systems, natural lighting and ventilation, and container buildings.


                                                                                                   Ko-Kurikulum Building rain water harvesting piping plan


            Rain water

                      Rain Water Harvesting tank for Teaching Factory


            Rain Water 2

                 Rain Water Harvesting tank for Surau

Some building especially for new building come with tank for collecting rain water. Rain water are used for general cleaning and planting irrigation.



      Container 1


       Container 2


     Container 3

         Container 4


The eco-friendly container building is made from recycled material and is environment-friendly. It is the latest project undertaken that involved building basic module made of used container that has been modified and upgraded. The modular craft pilot project is about the construction of 72 rooms for lecturers in the Gambang Campus.  The construction uses a type of thermal insulation coating that can reduce the temperature inside the container. The coating can lower the temperature inside the container by eight degree Celsius to ten degree Celsius. The project also uses eco-friendly green bricks that are produced by UMP Innovest Sdn Bhd.