It is an outstanding achievement for UMP researchers when they succeeded in producing synthetic kidney filter cleansing product to be used in hemodialysis process. Known as Diaclean, it is an eco-friendly cost saving product suitable for all types of dialysis. Adding up to its outstanding achievement, Diaclean has won gold medal and Best of the Best Award in Creation, Innovation & Research Exposition 2012 (CITREx’ 12).Diaclean is a research product by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zularisam Ab Wahid, who is a Director at UMP Renal Care Sdn. Bhd (subsidiary of UMP). He, who is also Dean of Faculty of Engineering Technology said, the idea for this research came when he see the cost borne by the patients for dialysis treatment at Hemodialysis Treatment Center. He started the research on 2008 with the grant from UMP and Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) and starts to market the product since 2014. Diaclean is a product that could help save the hemodialysis cost the patient and the treatment center needs to pay. Although the price is cheaper, but the quality is comparable to international product and it able to clean synthetic kidney filter for much more. Diaclean is the first local product ever been produced for kidney disease patients, for they have been using international product all this while. Price for Diaclean is RM300 for 10 liters, which is cheaper compared to product produced by United States that is RM 570 for the same liter. The patients need to undergo hemodialysis treatment process eight to 12 times monthly, but with Diaclean, the money spent for the treatment could been reduce since Diaclean is able to clean synthetic kidney filter up to 10 to 15 times. What is more interesting, this product can be used undoubtedly since it has been awarded halal certification from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and we are the first to produce such product. Diaclean was rated ISO 13485:2003 for its quality and for using green technology. Vinegar is the main substance in Diaclean and it is produced to suit Malaysian nutritional dietary and all kind of hemodialysis equipment. International products are sometimes is not compatible to be used with hemodialysis equipment in Malaysia, but with Diaclean, the problem is solved because it is produced to meet our local diet. Islam Makmur Hemodialysis Center and Fitra Dialysis Treatment Center are among the dialysis centers used this product. To date, Diaclean has been used by 250 patients in nine dialysis center nationwide.