UMP Pekan Campus is an area comprising of Disturbed Land (DLD) soil and the establishment of landscape has been problematic. UMP has sought the expertise of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) to assist in the afforestation project so as to enhance the landscape of its campus and provide a more conducive environment for students.

The objectives of this project is:

  • To afforest 4.1 acres plot of campus area with selected forest species according to UMP plot design and species (Figure 1).
  • To improve 3.2 acres established Plot 1 from previous FRIM UMP afforestation project.

Figure 1

Research Approach

  • To improve the Disturbed Land (DLD) soil properties with suitable soil amelioration regimes such as organic materials and mulches.
  • To plant Acacia as nurse trees.
  • To plant selected forest species in between the Acacia.
  • To monitor the growth performance of the forest species.

Project Duration
Project duration is two (2) years.

Impact of Project
Establishment of a more conducive and educational environment for UMP staff and students through the improvement of campus landscape. The project will help make available forest trees to interested UMP staff to conduct relevant research studies.