LED Lamp

In UMP, Pekan. Light Emitting Diode, LED has been install since 2012 for jogging track. Until 2017 there is no maintenance required such as normal compact lighting, need at least one or two times every year maintenance to make sure it operate properly.

2013, after proving that LED are suitable and reliable used in this site, UMP manage to change all of the street lighting and compound lighting at the main road, Faculty Of Electric & Electronic and Faculty of Mechanical. Then UMP also manage to chance energy saving light at hostel blocks. There are two type been used in the hostels. T5 bulb dan LED T8 bulb.

LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency which are several times greater than incandescent lamps, and are significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lamps, with some chips able to emit more than 300 lumens per watt. LEDs use only about 10% of the energy an incandescent lamp requires.

Like incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs), LEDs come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time; the life of fluorescent lighting is also reduced by frequent switching on and off.