What You Can Do



Waste Reduction

and Reuse



  1. Product Purchase
  • Plan your purchasing and buy only what you need (Prepare the list before shopping).
  • Buy products that can be recycled (e.g. bottles, rechargeable batteries).
  • Buy multipurpose product. It will reduce material used and waste generated.
  • Buy a product with less packaging.
  • Buy product that generate minimum waste.

ii.   Paper

  • Only print what you need.
  • Printing/Photocopying on both side of the paper, reduce the margin and font size to get more text on the page.
  • Use E-meeting as your minutes of meeting distribution
  • Subscribe to e-billing.
  • Distribute your info electronically. Use our e-community.

iii.   Donate or sell your unwanted items as preloved items. You can send it to our Preloved Gifts & Sales Corner at UMP’s Library, Pekan Campus.

iv.   Use your reusable containers and mugs/bottles when you buy food and drinks.

v.   Purchase chemical products that are ‘environmental friendly’. If possible, use less or non-hazardous chemicals

vi.   Limit usage of paper towels or tissues.



  1. Reuse old documents as scratch paper for notes.
  2. Reuse old envelopes for sending internal mail.
  3. Instead of buying new bottle every time, refill your water using reusable bottle. There are water dispenser facilities available at our campus.
  4. Shop with reusable shopping bags.
  5. With a touch of creativity you can turn your used tyre and wood into garden furniture or your child cradle.
  6. Turn your used clothes into bags, blankets etc.


Recycling and


  1. A lot of recycling bins are strategically placed in our campus. Use it wisely to deposit your recycle waste for example paper, plastic, glass, tins and e-waste (Refer our Recycling Point Maps)
  1. In cafeterias at UMP,(Gambang Campus), you can recycle your biodegradable food waste  by putting it into the compost waste bin provided – we will turn it to compost fertilizer.