Waste 3r
Design for Reuse, Reduce and Recycle of Domestic Effluent Project

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle of Domestic Effluent Project as automated irrigation system at sewage treatment plant which is located in front of A1 Block is part of the initiatives for sustainable management at UMP Gambang Campus. The project was initiated in January 2016 and applies 3R concept in its development and implementation as follow:-

Usage of waste water to water the landscape plants in the area of the sewage treatment plant

Minimise the usage of clean and unused water to water the landscape plants

Utilise the wastewater as additional fertiliser to the landscape plants

There are nine types of landscape plants, both flowering and non-flowering plants, which can live in temperate climate planted in the area. The plants are Thai Jasmine Thai, Yellow Tecomaria, Bregnia nivosa, Brunfelsia sp., Altenantera tenella “Party Time”, Murraya paniculata (Kemuning), Crossandra sp., Otancanthus sp. and Preudenthemum sp.

In addition to contributing towards sustainable waste management, the project also provide opportunities for researchers and students to conduct advance research on efficiency of domestic effluent as source of water and fertiliser for landscape plants as well as quality of effluent water from wastewater treatment plant.